Monday, January 16, 2017

New update for the new year! In my last post I talked about working on area 3. Area 3 is now done. I am currently working on the graphics for area 4. Which has two sets of level graphics and each comes with its own challenges. Mostly becuase I have not really done any cave/mountian type graphics before. Area 4 takes place inside and outside a cave. Pretty strange place to end up while infiltrating an enemy base. That is one of those things that makes games fun.

Next up is screen shots! Yes finally some new screen shots, which are of area 3. Head on over to the projects page and take a look. That is where I am at right now.

Kevin W. Major

Monday, November 7, 2016

Update time again. In the previous post, I was working on level 1 of area 3. That is now complete. I have just finished building level 2 of area 3. Right now its just kind of an empty bare bones level. I am in the process of adding in the details to the level. Such as floors, wall panels, pillers and lights stuff like that to keep the level from looking to plain and boring. I do that first before adding the enemies into the level since it takes sometime to do.

I did manage to forget I made graphics for adding detail to area 3 and actully made level 1 area 3 with out the wall panels. The funny thing is I added the lights and pillers, but forgot about wall panels. Of course I did not realize this until I started adding detail to level 2 area 3. The wall panels are done for level 2 area 3. So, right now I'm adding those to level 1 area 3. Once done its back to adding the rest of the stuff to level 2 area 3.

That was a lot of level this and area that. Hopefully it was not to confusing. That is where I'm at right now.

Kevin W. Major